5 Ways to Gain Deeper Bible Understanding

Unlock meaning with these simple steps.


1. When it was written?

Context is very important. Study bibles place this information at the front of each book.
Reading verses above and below will help in understanding the original intent.

2. Who is writing and why?

(Two questions – for those counting at home.)

This is quickly found at the front of each book in study bibles.
Free online bible study tools to help you locate this information.


3. What was going on at the time?

There will be information in the verses and in the front of each book if you have a study bible.

You can also find information in books written during the same time as bible such as Josephus or history books related to the time period.

4. How does this apply to us today?


The final and most important question you must answer is what does it mean to me and the community today?

You can join others to discuss how this applies to your life every Wednesday.