Bible Study

a path leading through the woods

finding your way on a spiritual path

“Your life has a manual, do you know what it is and how to use it?”

As you grow spiritually, you will have questions.

Together we search for answers…

Sunday 10am

Wednesday 12pm – 1pm

Wednesday 7:30pm

Interactive classes, including movies and discussion

There are many benefits to bible study. Each person is encouraged to share their views – many times the best way to learn is to share knowledge.
In small group bible study, there is more time for questions and discussion.

Small group bible study sessions we have covered:

  • The Mind of Christ
  • Experiencing God
  • The Purpose Driven Life
  • Servant Leaders
  • Understanding the Bible in 26 Lessons

Adult Bible Study Classes on Sunday

Yes, this is also known as Sunday School.

It is not just for children!

Review interactive online lesson to see what will be covered this week.